1. Passing

TAPE 2 TAPE allows you to practice passing the puck by yourself without losing out on the speed or accuracy component needed to make a solid shot at the net.

2. Stick Handling

We've included two pucks with holes in the middle for you to dowel in. This will allow you to maneuver your puck around to practice your stick handling!

3. Shooting

The rubber band needs to be hit in the middle or the puck won't come back to you. Get the best shot by aiming at the middle target and your shooting will improve.

Sean Skinner , Professional Hockey Trainer
Producer of world-renowned training videos

"Having worked with some of the worlds best professional hockey players and trainers in North America and Europe, I was amazed to discover Tape-2-Tape as it was being demonstrated by a recreational hockey player. His hands were unbelievably fast and with great control. Most of what players need for soft, quick hands and quick release shots can be acheived in a relatively short time with Tape-2-Tape. Definitely a piece to have in your training repertoire."

Improve your hockey skills today! Product Details:

tape2tapeTape-2-Tape is an off-ice training system that will assist you in passing, stick handling, and shooting.

The biggest advantage of Tape-2-Tape is the ability to set it up on any angle to simulate real game situations. it can be set up on a 45 degree angle to simulate a pass coming from the corner of the rink. At a 90 degree angle it will simulate a point to point pass or you can position the Tape-2-Tape in the net and simulate rebounds.

* Training without a partner
* Increase ability and confidence
* Less wear and tear on expensive hockey sticks
* Affordable gift to get players up off the couch
* Easy to set up, maintain, & store
* No more tape marks on the driveway or floor
* Durable - Made of the same materials as ice rink boards

 TAPE 2 TAPE Advantages

Like an actual game, the puck is constantly in motion with TAPE-2-TAPE and it gives the flexibility to practice game situations in the back yard or basement without the need of a partner to feed passes.

TAPE-2-TAPE also teaches players to get the shots on net more quickly, a necessity in competitive hockey.

Club Fundraising Opportunities

If you're club is looking for ways to raise funds, we'd love to help! TAPE-2-TAPE offers fundraising initiatives that can easily raise thousands of dollars for your organization with just a few sales. The best part is that our product can help to greatly improve the skill level of those already a part of your organization or those who might be a part in a few years! Interested? Contact us for details!

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